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Tin Hau Temple, Macau

English: Tin Hau Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Tin Hau, Traditional: 天后古廟, Simplified: 天后古庙

Tin Hau Temple is the only temple found in Macau’s northeastern section.

Nestled along the foot of the Ma Kau Seac Hill, this temple has a long and interesting history.

Tin Hau Temple, Macau, History, Natural Cave, Stone Pagodas/Pavilions

It was originally built inside a cave so that people would have a place to worship Tin Hau, hailed as the Goddess of the Sea. By 1865, a temple was finally built, though it was restored in 1987.

Inside the temple, there are numerous pavilions and stone pagodas. These include Tin Hau Hall, Kun Iam Hall, Di Mu Hall, Wu Hou Hall, and Tai Sui Hall. Each of these deities has its own place of worship within the temple.

The Tin Hau Temple is small and simple, and everyone is welcome to visit. Once you are done, there are other tourist landmarks around the area that may be of interest.

The Communications Museum is a cultural institution where the whole family can learn about various forms of telecommunication and how it has evolved through the decades. Even kids will have a great time learning about telephones and communication methods of the past. This is also one of the few places you can shop for stamps.

For some peace and quiet, head over to the Montanha Russa Garden, a unique outdoor space on a small hill. It was built towards the end of the 19th century and now has many trees and lush gardens laid out in a simple design. A spiral structure can also be found here, marking the start of a footpath that takes you to the top. A statue of Bishop D. Jose da Costa Nunes, one of Macau’s bishops who was beatified in 1934, can also be found in the garden.

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