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Tou Tei Temple

English: Tou Tei Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Tou Tei, Traditional: 土地古廟, Simplified: 土地古庙

The Tou Tei Temple houses a complex of various places of worship constructed over granite.

It’s believed that this area was built in 1789, though restoration was necessary in 2001 and 2004.

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There are numerous shrines within the vicinity for these deities: Seng Mou (Sacred Goddess of Mount Li), Tou Tei (Earth God), Sin Fung (Vanguard General Yang), Kun Iam (Goddess of Mercy), and Yi Ling (Patron Saint of Medicine).

Tou Tei is one of Macau’s most prominent deities, as evidenced by around 160 altars and ten temples dedicated to this god.

In this Tou Tei Temple or many others, they share similar characteristics. These include using various sizes of stone tablets, Tou Tei’s image, and many more.

Enter the main hall to see the unique roof with raised cornices, a worship pavilion, and the moon-shaped doorway on the right side of the hall. From this doorway, visitors can access the beautiful Luis de Camoes Garden, a public recreational park perfect for relaxing away from the crowds. It is also the oldest park in Macau, filled with many beautiful features.

St. Anthony’s Church, a popular tourist attraction, is just a few minutes away. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a lovely Catholic church that draws thousands of pilgrims annually. St. Anthony’s Church was constructed in 1560, though it had a humble design with nothing more than bamboo and thatch. It was considered God’s first home in the territory, but in 1638, it was finally rebuilt using stone. Mass services are held here in Portuguese as well as Chinese.

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