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Travessa da Paixao

English: Romantic Lane, Portuguese: Travessa da Paixão, Traditional: 戀愛巷, Simplified: 恋爱巷

Travessa da Paixao is a beautiful, colourful street in Macau.

Its name translates to Love Lane in Portuguese due to its origins of being a popular place to take your date during its early days.

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Today, visitors can explore the alley that is around 100 meters long. Though it isn’t vastly different from the nearby streets, its name makes it special, as well as the presence of the charming Portuguese heritage buildings whose facades have been painted in yellow and pink, flanked by potted flowers.

Walk along the cobblestone streets, and you’ll get a truly romantic feel that immediately transports you to Europe.

Some locals believe Travessa da Paixao is magical because it’s the ideal place for young people to fall in love. Whether you believe it or not, this is a scenic place to take your loved one to or even visit alone. With all the charming details, no wonder it has become one of Macau’s most photographed streets. In addition, it has also become a top spot for taking wedding photos and shooting television series or films.

Love Lane is a stone’s throw away from the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the most famous attraction in Macau. Though what is left is merely the facade of an old church, it tells the story of the country’s ancient roots since it was constructed in 1602 onwards by Jesuit priests. Though the original structure burned down due to a fire caused by a typhoon in 1835, the remaining structure pays tribute to the Catholic roots of Macau.

Other popular landmarks within the area include Mount Fortress, St. Dominic’s Church, and the Pak Kung Temple.

Travessa da Paixao is around a minute from the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

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