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Tree of Prosperity

English: Tree of Prosperity, Portuguese: Árvore da Prosperidade, Traditional: 吉祥樹, Simplified: 吉祥树

The Tree of Prosperity is one of the major attractions at the Wynn Macau atrium.

This one-of-a-kind show is truly mesmerising and ideal for the whole family to watch together.

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Upon arrival at the atrium, look up to admire the elegant golden dome-shaped ceiling designed with the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The 20-meter wide ceiling then opens to show a screen; soon after, a massive 11-meter chandelier descends from it in all its sparkling glory thanks to the 21,000 dazzling crystals used to create it. Simultaneously, a copper dome on the ground opens, and a large golden tree 11 meters high rises and rotates in sync with the music.

The Tree of Prosperity is an iconic sight but, more importantly, is a symbol of auspiciousness. It’s made of over 2,000 branches and a whopping 98,000 leaves of 24-karat gold.

With all the engineering and state-of-the-art elements required to make this show a reality, it’s a choreographic masterpiece you won’t forget. Light, design, music, and video come together in perfect harmony as the tree changes colours to represent the four seasons as it spins gracefully.

This captivating experience is just one of the others that await you at the Wynn Macau. Another key highlight is Performance Lake, a dramatic and captivating show that greets visitors outside the casino resort. It’s a three-minute spectacle using high-end technology. It uses 800,000 gallons of water, 1,500 LED lights, more than 300 water nozzles, and seven fire jets to create a vibrant masterpiece of colour, water, and music.

Don’t miss out on the Moon Jelly Aquarium either, which is located in the Encore Lobby. It’s home to the world’s biggest collection of moon jellies that hypnotise viewers with their translucent, glowing bodies inside an 11,000-liter tank.

The Tree of Prosperity is a stunning sight not to be missed.

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