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Wynn Palace Art Gallery

English: Wynn Palace Art Gallery, Traditional: 永利皇宮永利藝術館, Simplified: 永利皇宫永利艺术馆

The Art Collection at Wynn Palace houses an awe-inspiring art collection worth millions of dollars.

The displayed pieces are a fusion of Eastern and Western art, thoughtfully placed throughout the property.

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A stroll around the resort will provide a glimpse into these rare and beautiful pieces. These include the Amphora III, a large vessel created by renowned ceramic artist Viola Frey in San Francisco. The vessel includes expressionist paintings of males and females in contemporary wear.

The antique Cantonese Lacquer Screen is a sight to behold; the three panels are part of just two in the collection coveted in the art world for their rarity. Several layers of lacquer were used to create a stunning, shiny black surface on which artists painstakingly hand-painted scenes from court life.

Don’t miss out on La Foire, an impressive tapestry and one of 9 woven by some of France’s most talented weavers. It was patterned after the works of Francois Boucher, a famous 18th-century French artist, featuring chinoiserie scenes.

The Art Collection has so many gems to admire. The Dragon Mirrors is a large collection of artistic mirrors designed by Gabriel-Frederic Viardot, a French designer. This Chinese-style furniture was made during the 19th century and inspired by Chinese patterns and images that were popular in France back then: dragons.

The Cinderella High Heel is an iconic piece here, too: it’s a large-scale replica of a stiletto created by Chinese artist Liao Yibai to express the obsession with luxury brands worldwide.

There are many other highlights in the collection. These include The Audience of the Emperor, The Chinese Garden, Fake Antique Series, Harvesting of the Pineapples, Louis XV Verdure Tapestry, and many more.

For art aficionados, this exhibit should be at the top of your list while in Macau.

The Art Collection located at the Wynn Palace is a must-visit.

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Avenida Da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

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