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Feast of Kuan Tai

English: Feast of Kuan Tai, Portuguese: Festa de Kuan Tai, Traditional: 關帝誕, Simplified: 关帝诞

The Feast of Kuan Tai is a famous Taoist folk holiday in Macau that takes place every 24th day of the sixth lunar month. It’s a celebration of Kuan Tai’s birthday, a deity who is also known as Guan Yu, revered for his bravery and righteousness.

He is also among the most famous idols in Macau, as nearly every shop and business has an image of him.

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The local Chinese population actively celebrates this holiday as the day symbolises resilience and the continuity of Chinese customs. Several festive events occur, especially in the temples around Macau dedicated to Kuan Tai. These include the burning of joss sticks, while locals who pray to Kuan Tai in their residences also offer fresh flowers.

The Feast of Kuan Tai has a long and rich tradition. The deity is also referred to as the Saint of War because of their fierce loyalty to Liu Bei, a warlord during the Three Kingdoms Period. He acted as a general for the Shu state. His stories of courage and bravery have made him one of the most famous Taoist deities, and he has even inspired fictional characters and figures in movies.

There are several temples where one can witness festivities on this holiday. One of these is the Kuan Tai Temple, located at the Sam Kai Vui Kun, situated near St. Dominic’s Market. This temple is easily the busiest during the holiday, and it gets filled with crowds that come to worship Guan Yu or appreciate the Chinese Village Operas outside the temple. Other temples include the Kuan Tai Temple located near the Cheoc Ka Village of Taipa, and the Mou Tai Temple.

The Feast of Kuan Tai is a fascinating event to witness while in Macau.

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Rua Sul do Mercado de São Domingos, Macau, Macau, Macau

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