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Tun Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)

English: Tun Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival), Portuguese: Festival de Tun Ng (Festival de Barco Dragão), Traditional: 端午節, Simplified: 端午节

The Tun Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) is an ancient Chinese festival and public holiday in Macau.

Historically speaking, the festival honours the passing of Qu Yuan, a renowned poet and well-loved minister who served during the Zhou Dynasty.

Tun Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival, Macau, 2024 Dates, Races, Location

Yuan was once a cadet in the royal house of Chu. However, the king decided to stay on the side of the Qin state, and Yuan was eventually accused of treason and was banned. Chu was eventually seized by Qin, resulting in Yuan committing suicide by the Milou River.

According to legend, locals attempted to save him by taking their boats out, hence establishing the dragon boat races. In fact, dragon boat racing is among the first forms of boat racing globally.

Today, the Tun Ng Festival is a highly anticipated international water sports event that also has deep cultural and historical ties to China. This annual festival attracts thousands of people from all over the globe, with teams competing from as far as Europe and the United States, as well as neighbouring countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong. The races occur at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre early in June.

Spectators and visitors will be able to witness what a traditional Chinese dragon boat looks like. The spirit of healthy competition is alive, and the festival is a unique Macau experience. Aside from thrilling boat races, several booths will be showcasing local products and authentic Macanese cuisine. Be sure to try zongzi, a famous local rice dumpling treat wrapped in reed leaves, as you watch thousands of racers compete for the prestigious title.

The Tun Ng Festival is an exciting sports event for all ages in Macau.

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