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World Tourism Day

English: World Tourism Day, Portuguese: Dia Mundial do Turismo, Traditional: 世界旅遊日慶祝活動, Simplified: 世界旅游日庆祝活动

World Tourism Day is an annual event every September 27 in Macau. The date has been designated by the United Nations World Tourism Agency since 1980, so the international tourism community can use this opportunity to gather and discuss its impact on society, culture, economy, and politics.

Hosted and organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office, several exciting activities are planned to mark this important holiday in Macau.

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Each year, a new theme is designated for the event to highlight the various aspects of tourism and sustainable travelling in Macau. The Macao Government Tourism Office will have information counters strategically placed in certain tourist landmarks. At the same time, unique and thrilling activities for members of the tourism and hospitality sector are held throughout the day.

One of the major highlights is the traditional Tray Race, where contestants don unique costumes and race from the Ruins of St. Paul’s to Senado Square. Each of them must carry a tray with a bottle of Macau Beer and do their best to finish without making the bottle fall or break. Residents and visitors also have much to look forward to on World Tourism Day; there will be several programs and unique offerings from restaurants and hotels around the country.

Considering how significant tourism is in promoting economic development within Macau while helping locals transform their lives from the income it brings in, this event is pivotal in bringing the community together to help bring it forward.

Working towards industry growth is always necessary, no matter which country. Visitors are recommended to check out the special performances planned by various tourism businesses in Macau that coincide with the year’s theme.

World Tourism Day is an important tourism event held in Macau each year.

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