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Chu Kong Passenger Transport

English: Chu Kong Passenger Transport, Traditional: 珠江客運有限公司, Simplified: 珠江客运有限公司

Chu Kong Passenger Transport provides convenient and comfortable high-speed ferry services in and around Macau.

Passengers travelling to and from Macau and Hong Kong to Guangdong and other ports in China can rely on this excellent transport service.

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The transportation service has been around for over three decades, founded in 1985 in Hong Kong. They are the primary ferry service, offering professional ticketing and baggage handling for customers’ convenience. Given the proximity of other Chinese countries to Macau, it only makes sense to provide passengers with a quick and easy way of getting around, as many rely on it for leisure and business purposes.

Chu Kong Passenger Transport carries over 4 million passengers each year. They currently have 61 high-speed ferry boats, accommodating around 17,000 people. The fleets have been constructed in China and Australia. Together, they transport passengers in 18 routes between Macau, Hong Kong, and the Pearl River Delta daily. The ports in Macau are located at the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal and the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

In Hong Kong, the terminals are located at the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal, the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, and the Skypier found at the Hong Kong International Airport. Meanwhile, outside of Macau and Hong Kong, Chu Kong Passenger Transport serves ports located in Doumen, Gaoming, Fuyong, Humen, Heshan, Nanhai, Jiangmen, Lianhuashan, Xinhui, and Shekou, among many others.

For all your business and travel needs between Macau and the nearby ports of China, you can count on Chu Kong Passenger Transport for efficient sea travel.

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What is the Chu Kong Passenger Transport address?
22/F Chu Kong Shipping Tower,
143 Connaught Road Central
, Central, Hong Kong

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