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Macau Food

Many people travel to be able to try the unique, delicious food Macau is known for.

Macau, a Special Administrative Region of China, has a colourful and fascinating history merging both the East and the West – which is reflected in its incredible cuisine.

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When visiting, one must not miss trying their most famous food: the Portuguese egg tart. This flaky pastry is filled with sweet egg custard, and the caramelised topping adds to its rich flavour. Portuguese egg tarts can be found in many places around Macau, though Lord Stow’s Bakery is renowned for making the best egg tarts in the country.

Chinese food is also prevalent here, and there are numerous restaurants where you can get mouth-watering dim sum. Head over to Fernando’s, popular in the Macau food scene for a good reason: they have been known for making juicy, delicious suckling pigs since 1986. Other excellent dishes in the restaurant include roasted fish or chicken, as well as clams – which are best enjoyed with some sangria on the side. Carnivores will be delighted at the array of unforgettable meat dishes available here.

Another must-try is the pork chop buns, and the Sei Kee Cafe is among the recommended restaurants known for them. The pork chops are marinated in five-spice seasoning, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and sugar.

You can’t go wrong at any of Macau’s famous buffets if you enjoy long, leisurely meals while eating different foods. You can choose from many world-class buffets, especially at the major hotel chains present here.  Buffets offer a fantastic array of cuisines, including fresh seafood, sushi, meat, vegetables, dim sum, noodles, and so much more – all in one place.

Some of the best buffet restaurants in the city include Urban Kitchen, The Grand Buffet, mezza9, Feast, and so much more.

Once you try Macau food, you’ll understand why it’s worth travelling for.

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