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Flora Park

English: Flora Park, Portuguese: Jardim da Flora, Traditional: 二龍喉公園, Simplified: 二龙喉公园

The Flora Park (Jardim da Flora) is one of Macau’s most famous public parks. It’s designed in a beautiful European style and is renowned for its amazing collection of plants and flowers.

This is also the biggest public park in the country.

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The garden was once home to the Flora Palace, an old Portuguese mansion during the colonial era. The flower beds are a welcome sight and a top attraction for visitors, young and old. Aside from the flowers, thousands of visitors flock here each year to spend time in this relaxing destination, making you feel worlds away from the casinos that Macau is known for.

It is one of the oldest gardens in the country, after all. You can also notice the Feng Shui design principles carried out carefully throughout the garden.

Flora Park also features a small zoo that kids love to visit and spend hours in. Meanwhile, the garden’s centre features a tranquil lake right before a pathway going up the hill. Many locals are fond of frequenting this spot during the early mornings or late afternoons to exercise, and it isn’t uncommon to see tourists bringing their children along. Additionally, the garden is a great place to start your cable car adventure that will take you to Guia Hill.

If you can reach the top of Guia Hill, you will be rewarded with the best views of the nearby islands and the Pearl River. These panoramic vistas are worth the trip up the hill, so be sure to bring your camera along. Once you get here, there are many more historical sights to discover, such as the old lighthouse and the fortress, all of which are in one complex, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Flora Park is your gateway to an exciting adventure in Macau.

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