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Four Faced Buddha

English: Four Faced Buddha, Portuguese: Buda de Quatro Faces, Traditional: 四面佛, Simplified: 四面佛

The Four Faced Buddha is a small shrine located facing the Macau Jockey Club in Taipa.

This pavilion was built on an octagonal platform, and there are three steps of stairs leading to the shrine itself.

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This version of the Buddha with four faces means that it has one looking in each direction of the compass, as his hands hold various Buddhist prayer tools, including a water pitcher, prayer beads, a commandment plaque, sankha, and the Wheel of Dharma. This Buddha is said to offer blessings of honour, good fortune, and riches to his worshippers. Though it’s widely seen in Thailand as well as other Buddhist parts of Southeast Asia, this is a great place in Macau to see it.

In addition, the Four Faced Buddha governs several aspects of life, including love, peace and security, wealth, and business. Depending on what the worshipper wants to improve in their life, it is said that they have to pray using a specific sequence. This statue was transported from Thailand to Macau back in 1984 so that worshippers in Taipa would have a shrine to pray to. Visitors and believers oftentimes drop by the pavilion to offer flowers and ask for blessings from Buddha.

Aside from sending prayers, this prayer pavilion has many beautiful Thai-style shrine aspects worth visiting. These include the four pillars, carefully made using open woodwork. Meanwhile, its 3-tiered roof is adorned using gold ornaments. Rhombus ceramic tiles are also used in the roofing. From afar, it resembles a vase, a standard design for Southeast Asian shrines. From here, visitors can easily check out Taipa’s other attractions nearby.

The Four Faced Buddha is a beautiful shrine to include in your Taipa itinerary.

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What is the Four Faced Buddha address?
Estrada Governador Albano De Oliveira, Taipa, Macau

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