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Guia Hill Cable Car

English: Guia Hill Cable Car, Portuguese: Teleférico da Guia, Traditional: 松山纜車, Simplified: 松山纜車

Cable Guia is one of the attractions on Guia Hill in Macau, from where you can see stunning panoramic views of the city, nearby islands, and the Pearl River.

This aerial lift system links the Guia Hill Municipal Park with Flower Park. It is also the smallest cable car system in the world.

Guia Hill Cable Car, Prices, Tickets, Hours, Capacity, Height, Macau

The cable car rides opened in 1997, and nine lifts can accommodate four passengers each. Each ride takes around 80 seconds, though the time in the lift always feels like it flies by fast, considering the spectacular views from inside.

This might not be a major attraction here, but it’s worth visiting, especially if you have kids. It’s affordable, takes under 2 minutes to enjoy, and lets you see views you won’t see anywhere else.

The Cable Guia is a great way to enjoy this historic attraction. After going on the ride, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth spending a few more hours in. The Guia Lighthouse and the Fort provide breathtaking views of the city. The fort’s history can be traced back to 1865 when it served as the main observation post during the colonial era to protect the city from attack. Its war history is very much alive today with the presence of the water cistern, barracks, and ammunition cache.

The lighthouse is a major highlight of this attraction, built back in 1865. It stands 91 meters in height, though its beams are visible 20 miles away if the weather is clear. First-time visitors can benefit from a stop at the cafe on the summit, which has a helpful information centre. In addition, a quaint chapel by the lighthouse was constructed in 1526.

Cable Guia and its surrounding attractions are a sorely underrated attraction worth visiting.

What is the Guia Hill Cable Car address?
What are the Guia Hill Cable Car opening hours?
Tue - Sun: 8am - 6pm

Closed on Monday, or on the following day instead if a public holiday, day of exemption from work or compensatory rest day falls on Monday

Please visit our website for more information on the Guia Hill Cable Car.
What are the Guia Hill Cable Car entry prices?
Single Ticket: MOP$ 2
Return Ticket: MOP$ 3

Special Concessionary Return Ticket: MOP$ 2 (For children aged 12 or below and elderly people aged 65 or above)

Please visit our website for more information on the Guia Hill Cable Car.
What is the Guia Hill Cable Car phone number?

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