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Hac Sa Reservoir

English: Hac Sa Reservoir, Portuguese: Barragem de Hac Sá, Traditional: 黑沙水庫

The Hac Sa Reservoir is a quiet outdoor destination in Macau.

It has become a well-loved choice for locals who want to escape the cityscape while immersing in nature.

Hac Sa Reservoir, Canoe, Swimming, Hiking & Walking Trails, Macau

The reservoir is beautiful emerald green. You can walk on the suspended bridge above it or stroll around its perimeter to get the best views. There are several walking trails to choose from, each with varying distances and difficulties, that take you around the reservoir. These trails also expose you to the natural flora that thrive here, which you won’t see in other places around Macau.

The scenery at Hac Sa Reservoir continues to draw crowds here, especially on weekends. It’s such a relaxing ambience where you can enjoy the fresh air. Some amenities available here include toilets, barbecue grills, and WiFi – making it suitable for picnics all year round. If you are feeling adventurous, why not rent a canoe or pedal boat to explore the best of the reservoir?

Near the dam, there are also other things that tourists will appreciate. These include fitness trails, camping areas, a family trail, and a plant maze. The Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail is highly recommended for those who want to get a short hike. It only takes around 45 minutes to complete this 1,200-meter-long trail, a favourite short hike for many. The trail will take you around the coast, where you get to see amazing rock formations, the sea, greenery, and lots of photo opportunities. However, because there are few shaded areas, the best time to do the trail is during the cooler winter months.

With all these exciting activities, you can’t go wrong by visiting the Hac Sa Reservoir.

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