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Jorge Alvares Monument

English: Jorge Alvares Monument, Portuguese: Monumento a Jorge Álvares, Traditional: 佐治.歐華利塑像

The Jorge Alvares Monument is a popular historical landmark in Macau.

It was built in honour of the first Europeans to travel to China by sea in the 16th century.

Jorge Alvares Monument, Portuguese Explorer Statue, Location, Macau

A statue of the explorer is the main highlight of the destination. A visit here is worth it for learning about his pivotal role in history. Alvares arrived in Macau in 1513, and back then, the country was primarily made up of small fishing villages with only a tiny population. The monument is located in a square by the Nam Van Lake, called the Prace de Jorge Alvares.

The Jorge Alvares Monument is one of many attractions within this lovely area. You can spend time at the Nam Van Lake afterwards; it’s one of the two man-made lakes in the country. It’s widely used for water sports, such as dragon boat racing, rowing, and sprint kayaking. If you happen to be here during one of the many festivals throughout the year, especially Chinese New Year, Nam Van Lake is among the best places to watch light shows and fireworks. However, it’s still a sight to behold, even on regular days.

A few blocks away is the charming St Augustine’s Square, a world heritage site. The cobblestone streets invite you to explore the many heritage buildings here on foot, including St Augustine’s Church, St Joseph’s Seminary, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and the Dom Pedro V Theatre.

For shopping and dining, head over to the Senado Square, another European-style square that transports you to Europe with even more heritage buildings designed in Portuguese architecture. The surrounding streets have many restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy refreshments after all that sightseeing.

The Jorge Alvares Monument is one of the many important historical sites here.

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