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Portuguese Tiles Mural

English: Portuguese Tiles Mural, Portuguese: Macau Mosaic Tile Azulejos de Portugal

The Portuguese Tiles Mural is an amazing artistic attraction in Macau.

Art lovers seeking out unique creations during their visit are highly recommended to see these murals.

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George Chinnery made these murals during the 19th century, and they can be found in Cathedral Square by a small fountain with seahorse sprouts. You would have to locate them by walking on one of the alleys in the square, which takes you down to a narrow pedestrian lane, and here you’ll come across a row of the elegant blue and white tiled murals made by Chinnery. These were designed with distinctive Portuguese tiles featuring Chinese and local scenes of Macau around the 19th century.

Some of the locations depicted in the Portuguese Tile Mural are places you may be able to identify around Macau, such as the Ave. Praia Grande. Back then, it was situated by the sea. It also features street scenes taken from the area past St. Dominic’s Church, and some of the figures he has included in his paintings include popular Chinese merchants of the time and many prominent people belonging to the opium, cotton, and tea trades. Though the murals are simple, they are inspiring work to be discovered in the Historic City Centre.

George Chinnery is a renowned English painter who is most famous for his works in the East; he left London in 1802, spent time in India, and then spent the rest of his life in Macau from 1825 onwards. While he was in Macau, he also spent time in Hong Kong and Canton, making a career primarily as a portraitist and artist. However, his reputation in the art scene is credited to his incredible works of art, depicting oriental and Indian life, which he made for fun.

The Portuguese Tiles Mural is a must-see while exploring Macau’s historic attractions.

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