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Sam Kai Vui Kun

English: Sam Kai Vui Kun, Portuguese: Templo de Sam Kai Vui Kun, Traditional: 三街會館, Simplified: 三街會館

Sam Kai Vui Kun, also known as the Kuan Tai Temple, is a small temple in Se, Macau.

Its long history dates back to 1750, when it was built to initially function as a meeting venue for Chinese merchants and as a place of worship for Guan Yu.

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In 1912, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Macau began prospering, and the location was used exclusively as a temple. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.

Guan Yu, also known as Kuan Tai, was highly regarded as an important general who served from 220 to 265 during the Three Kingdoms Period. He is also renowned for being the God of Martial Arts and Fortune since his bravery was known all over.

Today, the Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple is one of the many important temples in Macau. However, it has a simple design featuring a grey brick facade; the roof is covered in glaze tiles following the Xieshanding-style design.

It’s also interesting that the hall arrangement is similar to those of the Jin Dynasty, featuring a mountain gate, side halls on both sides and three halls north and south. Meanwhile, the main hall inside is usually filled with incense. The sculptures within the main hall show the two dragons playing with a pearl. The gable wall is a major highlight with its impressive stone sculptures.

This temple can get rather busy during local festivals, especially the Feast of Guan Yu, Chinese New Year, and the Feast of the Drunken Dragon. If you are visiting during May, it’s fascinating to observe the Feast of Kuan Tai, which takes place every May 13th.

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Rua Sul do Mercado de São Domingos, Macau, Macau

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