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Senado Square

English: Senado Square, Portuguese: Largo do Senado, Traditional: 議事亭前地, Simplified: 議事亭前地

Senado Square is one of Macau’s most famous attractions, and for good reason. This beautiful European-style public square spans 3,700 square metres and is a World Heritage Site in the Historic Centre of Macau.

It was built in 1918 and today is considered among the most important heritage destinations in the country.

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Here, you can find numerous heritage buildings, each with a story to tell. These include the General Post Office, Leal Senado, and St. Dominic’s Church.

The General Post Office building was constructed in 1929, though it originally housed Tung Sin Tong, a local charity organisation. The Leal Senado was built in 1784, functioning as the municipal chamber of the country, which it still does in the current day. Its white facade and neoclassical design still draw admiration from visitors.

Senado Square is also popular for religious tourists visiting St. Dominic’s Church. This beautiful and historic church was established in 1587 by Spanish Dominican priests from Mexico. It has several incredible elegant features and is a sight to behold, whether you come here to pray or not.

In addition, these buildings are flanked by gift shops, cafes, and other tourist amenities. Stroll along the wave-shaped square and the Portuguese tiled streets; as it’s a purely pedestrian area, it’s safe to walk along for hours, even with kids in tow.

In the heart of the square is a lovely fountain, another highlight of this space. The square plays an essential role in local urban and community life, though it does come alive during special occasions, celebrations, and public events. The square is the best place to be during special holidays.  However, even on the most regular days, this charming area is a wonderful place to spend time.

Senado Square has something for everyone visiting Macau.

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