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St Francisco Garden

English: St Francisco Garden, Portuguese: Jardim de São Francisco, Traditional: 加思欄花園

The St Francisco Garden (Jardim de São Francisco) is one of the loveliest public gardens in Macau.

Situated between the Cineteatro and the Macau Military Club, this park is extremely popular among children and tourists.

St Francisco Garden, History, Playground, Fitness Gym, Macau

The garden has lots to discover and amenities that invite you to relax here for a few hours. It’s also got a long, rich history dating back to around 1580 when a convent was once located here. The convent was established by the Castilian friars belonging to the Franciscan order, hence its name. Though the convent is long gone, there is now a small pavilion designed with Chinese architectural elements, housing a library.

The St Francisco Garden also features pink terrace mounts, tiled pavements suitable for strolls and jogs, beautiful fountains, and some simple kids’ playgrounds. Families enjoy taking their children here because it’s a quiet, safe space for them to run around.

It tends to get busy during lunch break since students frequent this spot for eating their lunch, and the elderly also occasionally come to practice Tai Chi in the early mornings. The gardens are equipped with public toilets for convenience.

The vicinity is surrounded by dozens of historical and heritage gems to discover. Not to be missed is the Cineteatro, a movie theatre that opened in 1982 featuring three cinema rooms. Many film screenings still take place here, including Chinese and Western movies.

The Praca de Ferreira do Amaral is also nearby; this scenic outdoor destination is a wonderful place to relax in a quieter part of the city. There are park benches outside to enjoy snacks and refreshments, surrounded by beautiful trees. There is a commercial centre in the heart of the plaza too.

The St Francisco Garden is a lovely place to include in your Macau itinerary.

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Avenida da Praia Grande e Rua Nova à Guia, Macau, Macau

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