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St Michael the Archangel Cemetery

English: St Michael the Archangel Cemetery, Portuguese: Cemitério São Miguel Arcanjo, Traditional: 聖彌額爾小堂, Simplified: 圣味基坟场

St. Michael’s Cemetery is the biggest Catholic cemetery in Macau.

It’s interesting to note that many headstones here date back to the 19th century, and they include photos of those who have deceased – most of whom were Portuguese colonial officers together with family members.

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There are sculptures of stone angels around the cemetery, and flowers are usually found in most tombs. Aside from Portuguese, some of the tombs also belong to Macanese Catholics.

The landscaped gardens also house a lovely small chapel built in 1875; its facade is painted in white and pastel greens, while large stained-glass windows fill its interiors with light.

St. Michael’s Cemetery is located close to many popular tourist landmarks. Tap Seac Square is just a stone’s throw away, so it’s worth checking out. It’s a famous destination for cultural events, celebrations, and fairs, though it’s just as lovely as any other time of year because of the heritage buildings. Here, you can find an exciting mix of establishments, including one of the oldest health centres in the country, the Macao Archives, the Macao Central Library, and an art gallery.

In addition, the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion is nearby; it’s a world-class indoor sports venue designed with energy-saving features. The pavilion hosts numerous sports leagues that come to train for table tennis, basketball and other sports. It houses a multi-function room and sports hall too.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Guia is another gorgeous church a little further away, established in the 17th century in the Guia Fortress.

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