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Taipa Market

English: Taipa Market, Portuguese: Mercado Municipal da Taipa, Traditional: 氹仔街市, Simplified: 氹仔街市

The Taipa Market (Mercado Municipal da Taipa) is a historical market that was built in 1879.

Today, it’s known as the Carmo Fair and has changed much throughout the century.

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It underwent reconstruction in 1886, but by the 1970s, Taipa was undergoing a redevelopment. By 1983, a new municipal market had been built, the new site for the municipal market.

It was designed with Western elements, though the roof still has its Chinese design. Today, the Carmo Fair is a standing legacy to the public markets of Macau and has long been a favoured place where locals and tourists alike can enjoy affordable local food.

The Taipa Market features a pavilion in the centre with seats and tables. The square is surrounded by stalls that sell a variety of local food and ingredients. Budget travellers can enjoy cheap food here. If you visit on a Sunday, check out the nearby Taipa Flea Market on Bombeiros Square from 11am to 8pm. The stalls offer many items, including souvenirs, traditional crafts, toys, and more.

While in Taipa, you can also visit the Flower City Garden, a lovely and tranquil spot with a traditional Chinese pavilion. It also has lotus ponds, winding bridges, and beautiful plants that add to its serene ambience. Kids can play in the playground, though there is also a scooter and skating area for outdoor play.

Nearby landmarks include Taipa Central Park, with a public swimming pool and numerous restaurants you can explore.

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