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Tin Hau Temple, Taipa

English: Tin Hau Temple in Taipa, Portuguese: Templo de Tin Hau, Traditional: 氹仔天后古廟, Simplified: 氹仔天后古庙

Tin Hau Temple, which translates to Heavenly Empress Temple, is one of the oldest temples in Macau.

It was constructed sometime around 1785 and dedicated to the Goddess Tin Hau.

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Visitors can find numerous ancient and cultural relics inside the temple. These include an ancient bell, stone and tin incense burners, tablets, inscribed boards, and tables. These relics were taken from various periods in time, including the Dao Guang Reign, Qianlong Reign, Guang Wu Reign, and others.

Explore the unique features of this historical temple as you walk in the atrium, main hall, and front hall.

Tin Hau Temple underwent restoration in the middle of the 19th century because of an unfortunate accident caused by sea pirates that attacked Taipa. Many were injured or killed as they tried to fight off the pirates. The families of the deceased had to use donations from wealthy locals as well as the government to rebuild the temple and pay homage to family members who passed away fighting. Today, even though it’s a small temple, it has a lot of rich stories to tell.

After exploring the temple, the Taipa area has many touristic gems to discover. Carmo Hall is nearby; this attraction is a great way to see colonial life in Taipa. The building can’t be missed with its teal and white facade and colonial design. Even though one can’t enter the premises, it’s worth stopping by for a few minutes and taking photos.

Another attraction you can visit from here is the Vila da Taipa Historical Center Archway, where you can get some excellent photos. This was where a fishing village was once located, although it has been converted into a popular tourist landmark.

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