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Travessa Da Se

English: Se Lane, Portuguese: Travessa Da Se, Traditional: 大堂巷

Travessa Da Se is a small square facing the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady in Macau.

Also known as Largo Da Se or Se Street, this lovely square is adorned with black and white cobblestone streets that are true to southern European style.

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Visitors can catch a breath here after sightseeing, thanks to the several benches on the square’s perimeter. In the middle, there is a fountain as well as a stone cross. Both the cathedral and the square were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005 because of the significant heritage structures in this area.

Around Travessa Da Se, there are several points of interest that tourists can visit too. Be sure to stop by the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady, a historical church first constructed in 1576. Though there are several cathedrals and churches around the country, this is considered to be the most influential. It was built to honour Jesus Christ, Saint Joseph, and the Virgin Mary.  It was redesigned and reconstructed a few times throughout history, and it’s among the grandest cathedrals to see today.

From here, you can also admire the Paco Episcopal Bishop’s House. It’s a historic structure, although visitors are not allowed inside. In addition, you can visit the Cartorio Da Se from here; it’s the old Notary Office across the cathedral. It shares many architectural features similar to the Old Bishop’s House and is a lovely place to admire another colonial building.

Don’t miss out on looking for the murals of George Chinnery behind the Cathedral Square. His famous use of blue tiles gives it an authentic Portuguese feel.

Travessa Da Se is one of the many charming attractions in Macau, where you can find stunning heritage attractions.

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