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Victory Garden

English: Victory Garden, Portuguese: Jardim da Vitória, Traditional: 得勝花園, Simplified: 得胜花园

Victory Garden (Jardim da Victoria) is a small public park in Sao Lazaro.

It was established to pay tribute to the victory of the Portuguese against the Dutch in 1622.

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Several trees, flower beds, and gardens enhance the park’s natural beauty. There are some benches where visitors can relax. However, the main highlight of this space is the statue found in the heart of the park.

During the afternoons, it’s common to see students gather around the park as there is a nearby school called the Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College.

Victory Garden is one of several attractions in this laid-back neighbourhood. It’s only a few blocks from the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Home, an original building that once served as the home to the famous doctor. Dr. Sun Yat Sen is renowned as the Father of the Nation; he had numerous accomplishments during his time, such as helping the Chinese republican revolution overthrow the Qing Dynasty. The memorial home is an elegant building that houses a great museum collection featuring many artefacts that will enable visitors to learn more about the doctor, who is also considered the Father of Modern China.

The Tap Seac Gallery is another wonderful heritage destination to visit nearby. It was built with the intention of promoting the local arts and creative scene. The gallery has been around since 2003 and has been pivotal in encouraging the growth of visual arts. It houses around 500 square meters, divided into the front and back. Aside from the fascinating art you can see, the building is worth admiring for its European architecture and intricate features.

The Victory Garden and the lovely attractions within the area will delight visitors seeking heritage and culture.

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