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Macao Coca-Cola Museum

English: Macao Coca Cola Museum, Traditional: 澳門可口可樂收藏博物館

The Macao Coca-Cola Museum houses a fascinating collection of memorabilia and products.

Many vintage and nostalgic items are on display, making it a unique stop when exploring the local museums.

Macao Coca-Cola Museum, Hours, Address, Products, Souvenirs

The museum was a 2016 initiative by the Macao Coca-Cola Collection Club, which can explain the fascinating array of collectible items you’ll see here. Though it’s a private museum, the entrance is free of charge, and you only need a few minutes to discover the displays. Visitors can also purchase a variety of Coca-Cola products here, including limited-edition drinks that are only available in Macao.

The Macao Coca-Cola Museum seeks to share more information on Coca-Cola and facilitate communication among collectors locally and globally. The unique products you will find here include replicas of the first-generation bottles manufactured in Macau back in 1949, rows of Coke cans in various designs worldwide, red-themed bicycles, plastic bottles, toys, jackets, and other memorabilia.

One of the highlights here is the tricycle, which the Coca-Cola company used to promote sales around Macau. This is a must-visit for history lovers as well as beverage enthusiasts.

If you want to explore more museums here, you’ll be delighted with the available choices. The Macao Museum is a major institution here, and it’s simply the best place to learn about local history. Meanwhile, the Macao Museum of Art is home to the biggest art gallery, featuring contemporary and historical work from Southern China and around the country.

Other notable museums include the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt, the Mandarin’s House, the Macao Tea Culture House, and the Tap Seac Gallery.

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Tue - Fri: 12pm - 5pm
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 7pm
Mon: Closed

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