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Macau Cycle Rickshaw

The Macau cycle rickshaw is an iconic sight that takes you back to the old days of the territory.

Despite modernisation and glitzy casinos, riding on these rickshaws provides a unique experience.

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Since more individuals prefer to get around with taxis, buses, and trains, rickshaws are increasingly less popular. They have become a dying breed, though a few are still around. You can find them in tourist destinations, especially in ferry terminals. Also known as pedicabs, these have instead become a novelty ride that tourists are recommended to experience at least once.

The cycle rickshaw actually combines the designs of a bicycle and a carriage. Their use became widespread in 1952 when the Macau Pedicab Drivers Union was established. Today, they are remnants of Macau’s old days, but they still provide a relaxing alternative to motorised vehicles.

If you need to travel short distances, perhaps try hiring one; you can enjoy a ride with the breeze caressing your face. The drivers are also extremely friendly and will be more than happy to take your photos when you go on your journey. It costs around MOP$ 350 for an hour’s charter, though if you are only travelling a short distance, it can cost between MOP$ 100 to 200, depending on your destination.

The rickshaw drivers also enjoy waiting for tourists at the Hotel Lisboa. From here, you can go on several tours around the city. Head over to Nam Van, Sai Van, the A-Ma Temple, and end your trip at the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Alternatively, you can check out the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre and Lotus Square before returning to Hotel Lisboa. However, if you are hailing a rickshaw from the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, you can add Hotel Lisboa, Nam Van Lake, Sai Van, and the A-Ma Temple from here.

The Macau cycle rickshaw is a living piece of heritage and history – don’t miss a chance to experience a ride on it.

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